Goodbye PockEmul Lite – Welcome to PockEmul

At the end of June, i wanted to release PockEmul Pro for the end of august. Unfortunately, my time was limited and I am in late.
So many tests and fixes.

It is now a matter of days ,definitely before mid september..

PockEmul Lite will became simply PockEmul.

  • No more PockEmul Pro. PockEmul Lite become PockEmul with inApps purchases.

  • No more Ad videos rewards. I love the concept of iBattery but honestly, it has absolutely no return of values and i think it is a brake to PockEmul growth.

  • An advance pack, which brings several features. In the future I’ll add all minors features to this module:
    • Load/ Save sessions.
    • Share sessions.
    • Share display.
    • Multi concurrent emulations.
    • Connection management which is mandatory to emulate extension connected to the calculator (Printers, memory modules, …)
    • CPU speed management.

  • inApps product purchase by product families. Not all products will be available immediately. I need time to make the emulation robust. I plan to release 2 or 3 products by months.
    The first released products will be :
    • Sharp PC-125x series
    • Sharp PC-126x series
    • Sharp PC-140x series
    • Casio PB-1000
    • Sharp printers
    • Hp-41 printer

  • All others products (not yet available) are listed in PockEmul Store and users can vote to change the priority in the roadmap. In fact all emulations are still developed, it is only  a matter of tests and fixes.

  • I am currently developing the HP-48 emulation.
    The average age of PockEmul users is in the 45 to 60 years old range (I’m 52 🙂 ). With the HP-48, I would like to bring 35-45 years old users to PockEmul.
    It will be part of the free core package. I don’t emulate memory slots for now, and it seems to be working very well. But emulation is in the details, I have found a bug in the Sharp CPU emulation 15 years after the first PockEmul release :-).
    I don’t know yet if I’ll add it in the next release in alpha mode. As it is free, why not ?

Thank you for using PockEmul and please give me your feedbacks in the comments.

best regards


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