National JR-800 Documentation

Hardware specifications


  • 63A01 (CMOS 8-bit CPU) (6801 family extended instruction set)
  • CPU clock 4. 9152MHz
  • System Clock 1. 2288MHz


  • ROM CMOS 20K byte standard mounting Up to 32K bytes can be added in the body
  • RAM CMOS 16K byte standard mounting up to 24K bytes can be added in the body with battery backup
  • DISPLAY RAM CMOS 1552 bytes (in LCD driver)

Programming languageJR-800BASIC
Constant● Numerical constant constant -32,768~32,768

Single-digit constant 10-digit exponential

range -154-153 double-precision

constant 20-digit exponential range -154-153 16-decimal constant &h

8 progressive constant &o

● Character constant up to 255 characters
Variable● Valid number of characters 2 digits
● numeric variable :
integer type : % single precision
real form! (Exponential E)
double precision real form #(exponential D)
● character variables $
system variable timer variables, carsonal variables, error variables
● Array dimensions are within the memory range unlimited subscript is 0~ memory range
Statement● 1 line of characters up to 128 characters
● Line number 1 to 65534
Virtual Screen● Horizontal 32-254 digits
● Vertical 8-255 lines
Operation● Arithmetic +,-,*,
● Relationship operation =,<>>>,
Program Management● Store eight types of programs independently with battery backup
● menu function (auto-start possible)
User settings with POKE● User-defined characters (32 species)
● Format specification (decimal number, integer number of digits specified)
● Scroll margin setting, key-click sound release, etc.
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