Draw the Globe with the PC-1500 and its CE-150 plotter

The PockEmul session file is available at

Be sure PockEmul is closed before openning the globe.pml file.
If your PockEmul is prior than 2.0.2 you might have a memory error. Just click OK, it has no side effect.
It is fixed in PockEmul 2.0.2.

PockEmul 1.10.0 new release

Dear PockEmul’s fans, I am pleased to announce the new PockEmul release. It will be available in the next few days.

It includes 3 new packages, some new features and bug fixes :

  • Sharp PC-13xx package
  • Sharp PC-1500 package
  • Sharp PC-1600 package
  • The new AI-1000 model in the Casio PB-2000 package
  • Some new features and bug fixes
  • Some missing features, postponed because it is unfortunately necessary to limit features to release a version.
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