PockEmul 1.9.0 new release

Dear PockEmul’s fans, I am pleased to announce the new PockEmul release. It will be available in the next few days.

New packages, new features, bug fixes, there are so much to say :

  • Casio fx-890p package
  • Casio PB-2000c package
  • Casio interfaces and printer package
  • Background emulation
  • A new Post-it object in the Advance pack.
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The Sharp New Generation serie

Dear PockEmul’s fans,

I am pleased to announce the next available package in PockEmul. I’m currently testing intensively to avoid regression and i hope to release it before the end of the week.

This package includes the last Sharp Pocket Computers: The PC-E500, PC-E550 (Japan), PC-E500S, PC-U6000(Japan) and the PC-G850V.

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Forward to the Past

You certainly remember the programmable pocket computers and calculators that appeared in the late ’70s and had their golden age in the following decade.

Many computer scientists today have made their first steps with them. Those who have turned to other passions, keep the memory of having lived the genesis of a science that has today invaded our lives.

If you have not kept your vintage machine, or dream of typing on models that were inaccessible to you, PockEmul can satisfy your nostalgia by reliving these wonderful technological objects back inside your smartphone or tablet.

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