PockEmul 2.8.1 New Release

Dear PockEmul’s fans, we are pleased to announce the new PockEmul 2.8.1 release.

Android 32 bits support was missing in 2.8.0 due to an unexpected issue, it is now available in 2.8.1

VersionPlatformIssueFixed in
2.8.0AllCanon X-07 function keys issue2.8.1
2.8.0AndroidOn android 13 fresh install, PockEmul ask for write permission at each startup.2.8.1
2.8.0Android32bit release crash.2.8.1

2 thoughts on “PockEmul 2.8.1 New Release”

  1. I really love the product and it seems well done.
    The issue I have is that on the android version 2.8.1, I can don’t see the cloud option nor do I does the store work.

    Any suggestions? I have tried all the normal troubleshooting stuff, clear data & cache, uninstall, reboot etc.

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