PockEmul issues and features requests

This post will list all current issues in PockEmul. Don’t hesitate to post in comments your features request.

PockEmul 2.8.1 will be released next Saturday if there is no blocking issues.


VersionPlatformIssueFixed in
2.8.1AndroidUnable to Start PockEmul Store for new customers. What a stupid bug !!
PockEmul 2.8.2 will be released ASAP.
2.8.1AllPC-1403 + CE-140F: issue on PRINT# commandInvestigate
2.8.0AllCanon X-07 function keys issue2.8.1
2.8.0AndroidOn android 13 fresh install, PockEmul ask for write permission at each startup.2.8.1
2.8.0Android32bit release crash.2.8.1
2.7.0AllThe combo Sharp PC-E500, CE-140f, CE-126p is not workingInvestigate

Features requests

  • New model HP-71B
  • Keyboard simulator with overclock up to 100x: done in 2.9.0
  • Improve UI behavior:
    • Add option to fix the position on screen: done in 2.9.0
    • Save the screen orientation in the session
    • Auto Power ON the calculator

10 thoughts on “PockEmul issues and features requests”

  1. Pockemul is a fantastic solution for nostalgic people that want to feel the emotions they got in the past decades from this marvellous calculators. But I always struggle with the calculator moving around the screen when hitting keys not precisely. I wasn’t able to find a setting for fixing it. Maybe I could be advised on how to get this function working, or if it’s not available at the moment, maybe it could be a request for the future. Thank you

    1. I imagine you are on a tablet. Android or iPad ?
      I cannot reproduce this behavior, even when I miss a key the calculator is not moving.
      Could it be possible to record the sequence on a video ?
      Anyway, it could be an interesting feature to mimic the small screen behavior on a tablet, disabling moving a calculator in full screen.
      Please contact me on contact@pockemul.com to investigate this issue.

  2. I have upgraded to the latest version and I can’t access the pocket emu store. I have internet access etc, I have tried WiFi and cellular internet but nothing works. I have tried my phone and tablet and nothing. All i get is just a message that the app can’t access the store.

    Any suggestions

    1. Hi,
      It appears some users have this issue.
      The “PockEmul Store not available” occurs when PockEmul cannot retrieve your existing purchases.
      Unfortunately, i cannot reproduce this issue on any of my devices.
      I am still investigating.


  3. Hi – thanks for the continued effort in developing PockEmul!
    I appreciated the new feature allowing the CE-140F disk to support BASIC disk operations.
    I found some instabilites though. E.g. trying the following program, on Sharp PC1403 + CE14oF, looks like the emulator crashes:
    320 CLEAR: DIM A(12)
    330 A(1)= 1.2
    335 A(2)=-3.4
    340 A(3)= 5.6
    345 A(4)=-7.8
    350 A(5)= 2.15
    355 A(6)=-1.2E+15
    360 A(7)=-1.3E-32
    365 A(8)= 0.332332
    370 A(9)= 9.3234
    375 A(10)=-4345.334
    380 A(11)= 12
    385 A(12)= 1.109091
    390 PRINT #2,A(*)
    395 CLOSE : END

    1. Hi Fabio,
      I just test with 2.8.1 and it works.
      I just had a syntax error on 325 and change the #1 to #2 and it works.
      Could you test again ?


  4. I purchased several models like Epson HX-20 and Sharp PC-1600 on Pockemul for Android and they are working both on my phone and on my tablet but not in PockEmul for macOs 2.8.0. How can I activate these models in PockEmul for macOs 2.8.0? There is no “Cloud” symbol on Android version to sync to my desktop version.

    1. Unfortunately, PockEmul for Desktop (Windows or MacOs) are only available with a subscription (Android or iOS) because I think that the Cloud feature is very important to share your sessions between all your platforms (phone, tablet and desktop).
      The second difficulty is that a synchronization process is needed to update your purchases on your desktop.
      I have started the development of a “Desktop Package” purchasable on Android (iOS propose only the subscription model) which will synchronize your purchases on desktop.
      An other solution would be to create a “Full Desktop package” with all models enabled.
      Anyway, I am working on it (low priority).

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