PockEmul for Android

Dear PockEmul fans,

PockEmul was ported to Android several years ago.
Although technically the same source code has made it possible to obtain a functional mobile version, it must be admitted that the user experience is totally different between the Desktop (Windows, Linux, OSX) and Mobile (Android, IOS) environments.

The user interface of PockEmul has been completely redesigned for touch devices with a different behavior on phones and tablets based on the screen size.

This functional orientation will also be accompanied by a reorientation of business with a goal of monetizing PockEmul.

In this sense a free demo version named PockEmul Lite will soon be published on the Google Play Store.

This version has the following limitations:

  • Only 6 models are emulated: HP-41, Casio FX-8000G, TI-57, Sharp PC-1245, Sharp PC-1350 and Sharp PC-1500.
  • No multi-emulation. Only one pocket is emulated at a time.
  • No extension management: memories, printers, …
  • No advanced development features: deassembler, debug, memory dump, …

If users’ feedback are encouraging, the full PockEmul Pro package will be released in paid mode.

Initially, only Android will be published to measure the interest of the community. If relevant, the IOS version will also be launched. This version is already functional on a virtualized environment but requires some hardware investments (Mac, Ipad and iPhone) to be officially published.

Please feel free to comment for providing advice. I must admit i have absolutely no idea of the interest PockEmul will produce.

6 thoughts on “PockEmul for Android”

  1. First of all, congratulations for this project!

    I used Pockemul version via a Wine layer in Linux without issues.

    I downloaded the last version 1.4.3-win32 today and after launching it (via Wine) and it displayed briefly the carrousel images of the pocket calculators, but after one or two seconds the main Pockemul window goes black and seems to be frozen.

    Do you have a suggestion where to look for making it run on a native Linux environment or on Linux over a Wine layer?


    1. PockEmul will be updated with inApps purchases before mid-septembre. I am a little bit late 🙁
      Regarding the PC-1211, I wasn’t absolutely sure to include it into PockEmul or not.
      You’re not alone to request it but as it is a simulator ( and as i am not satisfied by its quality) I will release it for free in the core package as a preview.
      I will spend some time to make it more usable and I hope to release it near mid-october.


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