PockEmul 2.1.0 – One more step to PockEmul Everywhere

Dear PockEmul fans, I am pleased to announce the next PockEmul release, it will be available in the next few days.

The business model change (subscription fee) was challenging and we want to thank all the PockEmul community to support us. It is, in our opinion, the only way to secure PockEmul’s future.
To comfort the trust of our existing customers and gain the trust of future fans, we must continually add new features and make PockEmul better and better.

All the new added features are and will be included.


Following PockEmul for Android, I am very proud to introduce the next step to PockEmul EveryWhere:

  • PockEmul for Windows
  • PockEmul Cloud

As all new main releases, it will also provide several new emulated devices:

  • The Canon X-07
  • HP-41 module management
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National JR-800 Documentation

Hardware specifications


  • 63A01 (CMOS 8-bit CPU) (6801 family extended instruction set)
  • CPU clock 4. 9152MHz
  • System Clock 1. 2288MHz


  • ROM CMOS 20K byte standard mounting Up to 32K bytes can be added in the body
  • RAM CMOS 16K byte standard mounting up to 24K bytes can be added in the body with battery backup
  • DISPLAY RAM CMOS 1552 bytes (in LCD driver)

Programming languageJR-800BASIC
Constant● Numerical constant constant -32,768~32,768

Single-digit constant 10-digit exponential

range -154-153 double-precision

constant 20-digit exponential range -154-153 16-decimal constant &h

8 progressive constant &o

● Character constant up to 255 characters
Variable● Valid number of characters 2 digits
● numeric variable :
integer type : % single precision
real form! (Exponential E)
double precision real form #(exponential D)
● character variables $
system variable timer variables, carsonal variables, error variables
● Array dimensions are within the memory range unlimited subscript is 0~ memory range
Statement● 1 line of characters up to 128 characters
● Line number 1 to 65534
Virtual Screen● Horizontal 32-254 digits
● Vertical 8-255 lines
Operation● Arithmetic +,-,*,
● Relationship operation =,<>>>,
Program Management● Store eight types of programs independently with battery backup
● menu function (auto-start possible)
User settings with POKE● User-defined characters (32 species)
● Format specification (decimal number, integer number of digits specified)
● Scroll margin setting, key-click sound release, etc.
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PockEmul 1.11.0 new release

Dear PockEmul’s fans, I am pleased to announce the new PockEmul release. It will be available in the next few days.

It includes 4 new packages, some new features and bug fixes :

  • Nec PC-2001 package
  • General LBC-1100 package
  • Sanco TPC-8300 package
  • National JR-800 package
  • Some new features and bug fixes

I know that almost no one owned those 4 handled computers in the 80’s, but it’s a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in an almost unknown part of the history of handheld computers and especially inaccessible today. They are so rare and so expensive.

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