Work in Progress

Hi PockEmul’s fans.

Here is a work in progress status of several future models of PockEmul.

  • Elektronika MK-85 and MK-90
  • Casio FP-200
  • The HP-48gx
  • The Sharp PC-1211
  • The Panasonic HHC

Elektronika MK-85 and MK-90

The MK-85, MK-85M and MK-90 are really interesting pocket computers. The first two of them are perfect clone of the Casio FX-700p in their form factor and their user interface.

But internally, they are completely unique with a compatible PDP11 CPU inside. The ROM is available, and I think they have their place in the pocket computer history.

The MK-85 and MK-85M are in development since several years in PockEmul and they are currently fully working. I would like to include the MK-90 in the package before releasing it.

The main issue with those computers is the documentation. It is uniquely available in Russian. Quite a challenge isn’t it ?

Casio FP-200

The Casio FP-200 is now fully working with memory management, CETL II module and a dedicated compressed skin for mobile devices.
Only the Plotter FP-1011PL needs improvement.

The HP-48gx

The HP-48gx is in development since several years now. The emulation works quite well, but there are still some issues :
– Self test on startup is not working correctly
– Memory card are not managed
– The printer is not managed

This calculator will be available soon for free in PockEmul. Mainly because excellent HP-48 emulators are available for free on Android Store and Apple Store, secondly as a loss leader for younger generations to introduce them to 80’s computers.

The Sharp PC-1211

The Sharp PC-1211 is the first of all Pocket Computers. It must be present in PockEmul. Unfortunately, its ROM is unavailable.
I have developed a Simulator for this model, but I must admit, its quality is far from PockEmul standard.

The printer is simulated too and works perfectly. It was the easy part.
A lot of features are missing and I honestly don’t know when it will be released.

A preview is available online in your Internet browser at : PockEmul PC-1211 Online

The Panasonic HHC

It is one of the first Pocket Computer. It was mainly oriented for the professional market. The whole of its ecosystem is incredible, there is even a video interface.

It is quite easy to find an HHC on the vintage market but there are usually only available with professional ROM program. The internal ROM doesn’t provide any langage capability so without langage module, it is quite unusable.

You absolutely need the Microsoft BASIC module, the Panasonic SNAPBasic or the SNAPForth modules. Those modules are extremely RARE. PockEmul will provide them and all the corresponding documentation.

PockEmul is, AFAIK, the only emulator for the HHC and its peripherals. The emulation of the computer itself is 100% finished and accurate. The main challenge it to emulate all its peripheral and to manage the system BUS.

Available peripherals are: Memory modules, printers, plotter, RS-232C, acoustic modem, video interface, …

Peripheral and system Bus emulation is near 90% accurate. I need to improve its quality.

I will try to make it available as quickly as possible because this model is one of the three models emulated in PockEmul of which I am particularly proud

The Sharp PC-1600, the Casio Z-1 and the Panasonic HHC are exclusive to PockEmul because no documentation is available, and many reverse engineering were needed to emulate them.

Perfect emulation is an infinite quest. Please report us any inaccurate behaviour at

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