PockEmul 2.0.0 – New subscription model

New Subscription model

With the objective of securing the future of PockEmul, we decided to transform its economic model towards a monthly subscription system giving access to all emulated models and features.

You are not required to migrate to the subscription model. All your purchased packages will remain ACTIVE and MAINTENANCE is guaranteed.

This new economic model will be effective on October the 1, 2020.

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PockEmul 1.11.0 new release

Dear PockEmul’s fans, I am pleased to announce the new PockEmul release. It will be available in the next few days.

It includes 4 new packages, some new features and bug fixes :

  • Nec PC-2001 package
  • General LBC-1100 package
  • Sanco TPC-8300 package
  • National JR-800 package
  • Some new features and bug fixes

I know that almost no one owned those 4 handled computers in the 80’s, but it’s a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in an almost unknown part of the history of handheld computers and especially inaccessible today. They are so rare and so expensive.

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Discord Server

Dear PockEmul’s fans,

PockEmul Support is now reachable by Discord on a dedicated server.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have some trouble with PockEmul.
Be aware that our support team (me in fact 🙂 ) is located in France and will not be available 24/7.

Perfect emulation is an infinite quest. Please report us any inaccurate behaviour at contact@pockemul.com or on Discord.

PockEmul Online

Dear PockEmul’s fans, I am pleased to announce the birth of a new PockEmul’s family member.

PockEmul Online brings PockEmul into your desktop browser. You can of course load PockEmul Online in your smartphone or tablet browser but as a native Android release exists, this has low interest.

The main target is Desktop (Windows, Linux, OSX) and perhaps IOS (I haven’t tested it yet) …

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