The Casio FX-9000p in PockEmul

Dear PockEmul’s fans, I want to share with you my latest crazy project.

A friend of mine, a very big fan of the Casio brand, asked me to check if the DUMP of the FX-9000p ROM he had just made was correct.
It was necessary to do a lot of analysis work because the initial dumps needed to be modified. Indeed, the wiring of the ROM chips is particular on this machine and the ROMs were somehow interlaced.
Once the ROM was patched, I couldn’t resist emulating this machine.

So yes, I know it’s not a Pocket Computer and it doesn’t run on battery.
But, it uses the famous 10 program areas of all Casio Pocket Computers, and can be connected to FP-40 (with screen copy in graphic mode) and MP-10 printers.

I wonder about the relevance of having such a machine in PockEmul.
My friends are all unanimous. YES this machine deserves it.
It is extremely rare and it would be a shame not to distribute it to as many people as possible.
In addition, one of them teasingly made me notice that the name “PockEmul” certainly referred to “Pocket Computer Emulator” but could just as well be understood as “Emulator in the pocket”.

Tell me in the comments what you think.

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2 thoughts on “The Casio FX-9000p in PockEmul”

  1. Interesting, however 10 programms and printers is not enough. Is it the same kind Casio basic in?
    Considering the PockEmul concept – all models in principle should work either on a tablet or a (big) phone. That “simulates” like a “real” pocket from 80’s in your hands (where you “press” the buttons with your fingers as in a “good old days”). So a real pocket size like A4 (like Epson HX-20) seems to be OK. This Casio monster is too big for mentioned devices.
    Use of PockEmul on a PC is fine for developments but odd for the concept – you have to use your keyboard and mouse, so not a real pocket experience, well?
    There is obviously a waste amount of basic-based “pc”. Then why not to implement the hp-85 series as well??
    Commercially wise and from a user side I would recommend to go for HP-75c/d with 64 kB pod extension and ROMs and HP-71b (with ROMs/RAMs). You have already HP-41 in with a printer. So, why not to implement the jewels of the HP in PockEmul and make it more consistent? There are communities around 75/71’s and I’m quite sure that a lot will want to have those is hands.

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