PockEmul for IOS Beta

Dear PockEmul’s fans, I am pleased to announce the PockEmul for IOS beta program.

It is limited to 6 emulated devices : Sharp PC-1245, PC-1350, PC-1500, Casio FX-8000g, HP-41CV, TI-57

The Sharp CE-150 plotter and the CE-126P printer are also available.

It requires IOS 12 minimum and can be use on iPhone or iPad.

I had to make huge modifications on multitasking features because IOS is very specific on this aspect. I still have some stability issue, mainly when to much CPU is used (many emulated devices with overclock features). IOS kills processes which use to much CPU…

Feedbacks are highly welcome.

Here is the public link to the TestFlight Beta Program: https://testflight.apple.com/join/ZimGH2Ht

Perfect emulation is an infinite quest. Please report us any inaccurate behaviour at contact@pockemul.com

7 thoughts on “PockEmul for IOS Beta”

  1. Not long ago, I downloaded PockEmul through the iPhone App Store, and I have written very simple programs for the Sharp PC-1350 and the Casio FX-8000G, but I’m having trouble figuring out how to save my work to the Files app that was included on my iPhone. Is there any way I might be able to import/export my programs to/from Files? I appreciate your help and prompt response.

    1. When you restart the PC-1350 or the FX-8000g , you should have your last programs.
      In fact, when you exit PockEmul, or close a specific model, the state of the model is saved and restored at the next startup. With the subscription fee (not yet available) you will be able to save as many session as you want and not only the last one.

  2. THANKS! now i have 2 emulators on my iphone 7: iDos and Pockemul, the only usable Pocket (for me) is the Sharp 1350, can i convert the programs for them into plain text ?

    1. You can connect the CE-126p to the pocket and print the source code by LLIST command. Then, by the context menu of the printer (double tap on the paper), you can copy the paper output as plain text.

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