New release 0.9.2

A Lot of things are changed , one of my next task is to write a detailed documentation PockEmul 0.9.2 is now availabe.
New features:

  • No more DirectX , i use Qt and FMod, multi platform library.
  • PockEmul should now be available on Windows, Linux and Mac OS x.
  • PockEmul is now GPL. Source code is available and you can play with it.
    The source code need to be clean. It is just a first shot.

Logic Analyser

To understand clearly the communication protocol between a pocket and the CE126p I build a logic analyzer based on the // port of my PC.
To compare results of PockEmul with “real life” i add the same capabilities to PockEmul.
It is now possible to intercept all signals : Communication Ports, 11 pins connector, serial connector , …