A lot of work

PockEmul V0.7
:    Emulator for Sharp Pocket Computer.

bullet New emulated pockets ;

bullet PC 1251 (still a problem with the keyboard)
bullet PC 1401 – 1402
bullet PC 1403 (Rom Bank 2 is missing)
bullet PC 1450
bullet PC 1360 (problem at startup: reset and type ‘Y’ immediately)
bullet Serial Input IS WORKING :
you can now OPEN and LOAD basic code.
bullet Printer emulation is the next step (I need more information about this point)


PC1500 Technical Reference Manual The official Machine langage book.
PC2 Assembly Language A series of articles by Bruce Elliot

PC2-PC1500 Machine Language Programming
Others articles from Pocket Computer Newsletter


pc2rs232 Service Manual
PC2 Service Manual
timer NEC PD4990 Timer Chip Documentation.

PC2 printer / CE150 Manual