PC-1421 in PockEmul

The Sharp PC-1421, a financial pocket computer, is now emulated by PockEmul.

The Sharp PC-1421
The Sharp PC-1421

It was so easy to integrate it, because it is exactly the same pocket than the PC-1401 with a different ROM and a different crystal (768Khz instead of 568Khz). So, just after dump the new ROM, i created a new object derivated from the PC-1401 et voilà.

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    1. 0x0000 – 0x1FFF : CPU ROM (8KB)
      0x2000 – 0x37FF : 4 x RAM IMAGE of 3800-3FFF
      0x3800 – 0x47FF : RAM (4KB)
      0x4000 – 0x57FF : RAM IOMAGE of 4000-47FF
      0x6000 – 0x67FF: LCD memory
      0x8000 – 0xffff: BASIC ROM (32KB)

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