The HP Voyager pack

Dear PockEmul’s fans

I am pleased to announce the HP Voyager Pack which will include the HP-11c, HP-12c, HP-15c and HP-16c.

As always, PockEmul tries to emulate with the upmost fidelity the original models. It brings some key features

  • All Self-tests are available and working.
  • Auto power off.
  • Program features:
    • Display stack : registers Y, Z, T and Last X
    • Display the current program line in clear text, during edition and execution. It is too fast in execution mode, I will add a step by step execution mode in the future.
    • Capture execution trace
    • Copy and share program code in text, html or pdf
      001 - Lbl A
      002 - 2
      003 - x
      004 - PSE
      005 - Gto A

  • Synthetic programmation. visit

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